NimbusQL – The SuiteQL Solution

June 6, 2021


It has been a bit over 12 years since I started using NetSuite.  From day one, it baffled me that there wasn’t a way to use SQL natively inside of the NetSuite application.  Sure, I could set up ODBC and SQL Server and pull data into a database, but this required setup, network ports opened, extra skillsets, etc.

Then, over a decade later, NetSuite finally announced that they would be releasing a way to perform SQL inside of the NetSuite application.  But, this would only be available via the N/query module of SuiteScript 2.0, meaning there still would not be a native tool to compose queries in the system and quickly view the results in a usable format.

Immediately, we at NimbusLabs knew we needed to create a tool that would allow this functionality.  We quickly spun up a tool that allowed this functionality, but realized we wanted it to do so much more!


Now, we have released the Beta version of NimbusQL, our built-in-NetSuite application that allows for easily composing SuiteQL queries in an intuitive interface and all features below:

  Auto-Complete for all standard/custom tables/records/fields/etc

  Save/Load queries

  Export Data to various formats: CSV with or without headers, JSON in multiple options

  Schedule Emails using an intuitive scheduler

  Load Analytics Dataset Query to use in further queries or emails

Our Thoughts

In the six months that we have spent building this out and realizing the amazing potential of the SuiteQL functionality, it’s been clear to us how much of a game-changer this is.  I wish we would have had this a decade ago; it would have saved countless hours/days/weeks of analysis, development, and frustration.  Something like creating multiple searches and scripts to stitch data together may have taken me 10 hours before, but can be done in 10% of that time now using NimbusQL.

Use Cases

  1. You can get any data you would like, whether it is the result of a simple query or 20 nested/sub-queries.  The possibilities are really endless
  2. Instead of building scripts that return the results of multiple saved searches and stitches them together, NimbusQL allows for doing this in a single place with no SuiteScript knowledge necessary
  3. Email the results of any query, including being able to load the backend query for an Analytics Dataset
  4. Load/Save queries, allowing you to build queries as you have time.
  5. Easily test your query to make sure you have the correct results before using this in further SuiteScripts

Contact Us now to receive Beta access, which comes with three months of complementary access.

Check out our NimbusQL page for more details!